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I am a practising Counsellor and Psychotherapist that has a wide range of experience. I work using an Integrative approach and I have had specialist training in CBT trauma therapy. I have worked within NHS settings and had referrals from occupational Health, Insurance companies and more. It can be  an over whelming feeling to reach out and take those first steps to contacting a counsellor for help, yet it can be such a positive and fulfilling experience. 


My training has shown me the value of talking to a counsellor. Sharing those problems with a trained professional can enable you to make positive changes within your life. Stress, anxiety and depression can cause deep suffering and can be an isolating experience. Counselling and psychotherapy can be a challenging experience, but it offers you a deeper insight of yourself giving you the autonomy to move forward with your life.

I work in Milton Keynes from more than one location and I am able to offer a diverse service for all cultures, ethnicities, ages, gender and religion.

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